cash back on shopping

Are You Getting Cash Back On Shopping? Why You Should

Are you looking for a way to stash some extra savings without too much effort? Then you should look into cash back apps or websites. If you haven’t discovered cash back on shopping, then read on.

What Is Cash Back On Shopping?

Cash back shopping websites and apps offer you small refunds on purchases you make online or in-store. Most of these refunds range from 1% to 5%, which doesn’t sound like much. But once you sign up to a cash back app and do all your ordinary shopping through its portal, those small percentages can add to your savings.

Cash back programs work predominantly with online shopping. Since most consumers make purchases over the Internet today, cash back apps have become popular. However, those who prefer shopping in person can still find in-store discounts and rebates on cash back websites but there tend to be less in-store deals compared with online.

How Does Cashback On Shopping Work?

How can these cash back apps afford to send you small rebates on purchases? When you sign up for a cash back program like Rakuten, you become a member. Rakuten has partnered with hundreds of retailers. In exchange for sending more customers to their store, retailers offer Rakuten a small commission when its members make a purchase. Rakuten then splits that commission with you.

However, if you sign up on a cash back website, you must ensure your purchases are tracked. Otherwise, you won’t get credit and won’t receive your refund. Most cash back apps, like Rakuten, require you to log in to their website before shopping.

Once you’ve logged your credentials, you can access your favorite stores’ websites through links on the Rakuten website. Some cash back programs offer a browser add-on, so you don’t have to log into your account every time you shop.

Benefits Of Cash Back On Shopping

So why should you be using cash back on shopping? The first and most important reason, is it’s free. Signing up won’t cost you anything and there’s no monthly or yearly membership fee to keep your account. Some apps or websites aren’t free, but the discounts and rewards they offer typically aren’t worth it.

Secondly, cash back rewards programs take little effort. Once you sign up, your account requires almost no maintenance. You may have a few extra clicks by logging into the rewards app before you shop, but this is hardly any effort at all.

Lastly, the benefits of these rewards programs outweigh the costs – which are minimal! You spend no extra money since cash back programs apply to most major retailers. Therefore, you earn rewards and build up savings for purchases you already make.


Cash back rewards programs have become the new way to shop. With the number of retailers affiliated to these apps, you’re sure to find one that works for you. Therefore, if you make most of your purchases online, or you’re just looking for a way to save, check out cash back on shopping.