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5 Top Cash Back Programs You Should Join

Cash back programs have typically always been for credit cardholders. Now, there are apps and websites that let you sign up as a free member and earn rewards for rebates on everyday purchases. These cash back programs can save you a ton of money – if you choose the right ones.

What To Look For In Cash Back Programs

How do you know which program is the best? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. You might prefer a simple app or website on which all you do is click a link and make purchases. Others might require you to complete small tasks like taking surveys or watching videos.

Consider how long the cash back program has been in business, too. If it’s not at least a few years old it may not have enough staying power. Think about your privacy and use of personal data as well.

Cash back programs are obviously going to be installing cookies on your browser and tracking your purchase history. They’ll likely sell your info to third party vendors as well. If you’re not interested in giving up personal data like that, then think twice about using cash back programs.

What are the top cash back programs? You’ll find 5 here, broken down by category.

Top Cash Back Programs For Amazon And Online Shopping

1. Honey

Honey offers more than just cash back. You can also use it to search for online coupons, especially with Amazon. Honey also has a feature that shows the price history of a product so you can track sales of items you’re interested in over a given time period.

You earn cash back as Honey Gold and you don’t receive cash directly but as gift cards instead. If you do most of your shopping from Amazon or the same type of online retailers, then Honey will come in handy for you.

2. Rakuten

Formerly Ebates, Rakuten is one of the biggest cash back programs out there. You can save online and in-store and sign up is free. Rakuten functions on your browser or via mobile app and is affiliated with over 2,000 online retailers. With so many stores, you’ll easily complete your everyday shopping with Rakuten.

Top Cash Back Programs For Groceries And In-Store Shopping

3. Dosh

Dosh is a simple cash back program for in-store purchases and dining out. There’s no rewards or points to worry about but you have to link your credit or debit card for it to work. Once you’re signed up and linked, you receive cash back from participating retailers and restaurants automatically.

You might hesitate at adding a credit or debit card to your Dosh account but it’s encrypted on the app to ensure security. It also doesn’t interfere with any cash back programs you’re signed up with on your credit card so you can even earn double cash back! Linking your card also means you can benefit from direct deposit as your payout method.

4. Ibotta

If you want to save on groceries, then Ibotta is the app for you. You can get cash back in your favorite grocery stores for completing small in-app games. The app also lets you scan and upload your receipts and link your grocery store loyalty or rewards program. Also, it will notify you of upcoming discounts and promotions for your preferred store.

Another Cash Back Program To Check Out

5. Upromise

Upromise lets you convert your cash back into savings for college. You can browse discounts and coupon codes from over 1,000 retailers on Upromise. You can sign up for a Mastercard through Upromise too, earning 1.25% cash back on purchases with it.

Your Upromise payout isn’t direct deposit or PayPal, it’s either sent to a 529 account, added to your student loan payment or via check.

Final Thoughts On Cash Back Programs

Joining a cash back program is a great way to save on in-store and online shopping. There are a lot of options out there, but these 5 are among the best programs available. If you haven’t already, give cash back programs a try – you’ll be amazed at the savings!