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5 Top Cash Back Websites You Need To Check Out

Cash back websites are online portals that give you small refunds for your online purchases. You usually have to sign up to use them and do your shopping through their site or with their browser extension installed.

You can earn rebates on single purchases ranging from 1% to 5%. Cash back websites are a great way to save money on your everyday shopping. With numerous cash back options out there, it’s important you pick the best one.

Here are the 6 top cash back websites you should check out.

Rakuten (Ebates)

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is one of the largest cash back websites available today. It includes hundreds of affiliate stores and over 2000 online retailers. With Rakuten, you sign up with an email address or social media account and earn $10 right away.

You can sign into their website and do your shopping from among their affiliate stores. Rakuten also has a browser add-on so you don’t have to sign in each time.

You can cash out your rewards once you reach $5.01 via check or PayPal. You can only cash out every three months, though. Rakuten also has an option for donating your cash back rewards to charity.


Swagbucks offers cash back rewards for more than just shopping. You can also do web searches, take surveys, watch videos and play simple games to rack up points. You’re rewarded with SB points for every activity you complete which you cash in for gift cards.

SB points equal about $0.01, so 500 SB points can get you a $5 Amazon gift card, for example. Swagbucks will take up a bit more of your time than other cash back websites but after a while, the rewards will add up.


Earny is a cash back site focused on getting your refunds for online purchases. When you sign up, you connect to your Google and Amazon accounts. Once it’s up and running, you hardly have to manage Earny at all.

It will monitor price drops on items you’ve already purchased and request refunds for you. Earny takes out 25% of the refund as commission. Your refunds might not amount to much, but considering the almost no effort required to run Earny, it’s worth it.


TopCashback is billed as a “generous” cash back website and it certainly delivers. There’s no payout threshold like other sites and you receive 100% of their affiliate store commission.

TopCashback tends to have more deals for online shoppers than offline. You can find retailers offering percentages as cash back or even fixed dollar amounts.


EvoShare’s cash back program differs from most sites. Instead of being paid directly, you send your rewards to a retirement fund or to pay off student loan debt. You can sign up easily with EvoShare and do your online shopping with over 300 retailers from their website.

However, you have to go through their site in order to qualify for the rewards.

Summing Up – Cash Back Websites

If you use a cash back website wisely, you can really add to your savings. By investing a little spare time, you can tack on some extra cash to your monthly budget.