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Why You Should Be Using Cashback Offers For All Your Purchases

If you haven’t come across cash back apps, then you’re missing out on some serious savings. Websites with cashback offers are one of the latest consumer trends in online shopping. You should be using them for all your purchases for a few reasons.

First, creating an account with cashback apps is totally free and you’ll never have to pay a membership fee. Why should you have to pay to shop? Second, cashback apps are connected with tons of retailers – stores you would shop at anyway. Lastly, signing up and keeping track of your savings takes minimal effort.

Not all rewards programs are the same, though. Some offer simple cashback for qualifying purchases and others require you to complete small activities. Some might focus on upfront discounts rather than cashback. Look around to see what they offer and pick the one that’s right for you.

Tips For Making The Most Of CashBack Offers

How can you maximize your savings with cashback sites? Here are some hacks for earning the most cash back with 2 popular sites: Rakuten (Ebates) and Swagbucks.

Rakuten Hacks

Rakuten is a cashback website where you can sign up to receive refunds on your online purchases from over 2000 online retailers. Check out these 3 tips for making the most of Rakuten’s discounts.

Install The Rakuten Button

With the Rakuten button Chrome browser extension, you don’t have to access the Rakuten site before shopping. If you’re on a retailer’s website, the button will alert you if it’s eligible for cashback savings. However, make sure you don’t accidentally miss out on any savings.

Refer Your Friends

If you refer a friend to sign up with Rakuten, you get $25 cashback (as soon as your friend spends $25). Therefore, introduce your friends to the benefits of cashback offers while pocketing some savings for yourself.

Get The App

Download the Rakuten app to stay up to date on your pending cashback rewards and look for new offers in-store. It also has a feature that lets you scan product barcodes to compare prices.

Swagbucks Hacks

When you sign up with Swagbucks, you earn SB points that are paid out as gift cards or into your PayPal. Instead of cashback rewards for purchases, you complete small activities like answering surveys or watching videos to earn points.

Make Swagbucks Your Default

You earn SB points for activating Swagbucks when you do web searches. This is one of the most effortless ways to earn rewards with Swagbucks.

Daily Poll And Free Offers

Check out the daily poll to get one extra SB point per day and see what free offers Swagbucks has to score even more points.

Sign Up For Swagbucks Local

Save at your favorite local retailers and restaurants when you link your credit card to Swagbucks Local. If you dine out regularly, you can rack up points quickly.

Final Thoughts

With these simple tips, you can make the most out of cashback offers. Therefore, if you could earn money just for making everyday purchases, why wouldn’t you?