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11 Cheap Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Yourself

Christmas is undoubtedly an expensive time of year. Save money on ornaments and make memories by crafting your own! Here are 11 cheap Christmas ornaments you can make yourself.

1. Cross-stitched Or Embroidered Ornament

Cross-stitched Or Embroidered Ornament

Cross-stitch and embroidery hoops come in small sizes, no more than a few inches in diameter. Stitch your own Christmas design on a smaller hoop with only thread, fabric, scissors and a needle.

2. Glass Snowglobe Ornament

Glass Snowglobe Ornament

Grab a fillable ornament and add whatever Christmas décor you fancy – you could even go for something modern and chic like a peacock feather.

3. Scrabble Tile Ornament

Scrabble Tile Ornament

Glue the letters of a Scrabble game together to make a Christmas-time word or message like “Let it Snow” or “Noel.” Place and glue the letters on a piece of felt, so they stay together when hanging up.

4. Wine Cork Snowman

Wine Cork Snowman

Cheap Christmas ornaments don’t get much cuter than these adorable snowmen. Paint a wine cork white, adding a snowman face after the white paint dries. Attach a small hook at the top with a ribbon to hang it up.

5. Burlap Reindeer

Cut burlap cloth into triangles, glue on some googly eyes, red felt for a scarf, red nose pompom and painted brown clothespins for antlers. This cheap Christmas ornament is adorable and a fun craft to do with kids!

6. Stick-And-Ribbon Christmas Tree

Grab a stick from the yard (or buy a small wooden rod at the craft store) and tie varying green and white ribbons into knots, with the tails sticking out at different lengths to resemble a triangular tree.

7. Tealight Snowman

Transform a battery-powered tealight candle into an adorable snowman. Tilt the tealight on its side, paint on eyes and a mouth, (the candle wick is the nose) and glue ribbon at the bottom for a scarf. A piece of red pipe cleaner with small red pompoms on the end makes the perfect snowman earmuffs too!

8. Match Star Ornament

Match Star Ornament

This cheap Christmas ornament will keep your kids busy. Cut out a star pattern from thin cardboard (an old cereal box will do) and a geometric design is best. Then glue matches onto the cardboard in straight-line patterns.

9. Pom Pom Ornament

Pom Pom Ornament

For this cheap ornament, all you need is a Styrofoam ball, straight pins and mini pom-poms. Use either multicolored or stick to traditional red and green pom poms. All you do is stick each pom pom into the Styrofoam ball with a straight pin. Glue a ribbon at the top for hanging and it’s all done!

10. Painted Lightbulb Ornaments

Painted Lightbulb Ornaments

Make a small lightbulb into a cheap Christmas ornament with a simple coat of paint. Make it into a penguin, snowman, Santa or reindeer – any Christmas character you can think of.

11. Popsicle Stick Sled

Painted popsicle sticks, some mini jingle bells and holly make the perfect cheap Christmas ornament. You need 7 sticks: 2 are painted brown for the sled’s runners; the other 5 are red or white or whatever color you choose. Place the long, brown sticks on their sides and set the shorter, red or white sticks flat on top. The last stick is also atop the runners, but perpendicular to the other 4. Glue the sticks together in this formation and add some holly and your jingle bells.

Summing Up – Cheap Christmas Ornaments You Can Make Yourself

With all the expenses around the holidays, save on décor by creating your own Christmas ornaments. They’re cheap, easy and a fun holiday craft project.