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Savvy Tips On How To Get Free Cleaning Products

Tired of dropping tons of cash on expensive cleaning supplies for your home? By the time you add all the soap, laundry detergent, glass cleaner, wet wipes and countless other cleaning products to your cart, you’ve racked up a substantial grocery bill. What if you could find a way to score free cleaning products? Here are some savvy tips on how to get free cleaning supplies.

Make Your Own

The most cost-effective solution is always DIY! You can make your own all-natural cleaning products at home with some simple ingredients. Whip up a multipurpose cleaner with just white vinegar, baking soda, hot water and lemon. Or make an effective window cleaner with white vinegar, cornstarch and warm water.

DIY cleaning products are often made with ingredients you already have on hand. Finding safe recipes for cleaners online is easy too, since living an eco-friendly lifestyle has become so popular. Making your own cleaning products is not only free but also helps the environment.

Get Samples Of Free Cleaning Products From Companies

Many companies offer free samples to customers who will leave product reviews on Amazon or even feature it on their social media pages. Other companies will send free samples with no strings attached. All you have to do is request them.

You can use this method to get free cleaning supplies from your favorite companies. By contacting companies directly via email or through a form on their website, you can score coupons and even free samples. Some companies to try are Arm & Hammer, SC Johnson, Colgate-Palmolive, Proctor & Gamble and Clorox, among many others.

Join A Free Samples Program

Joining a discount program can often result in free sample boxes sent to your home. Websites like Grove Collaborative, Smiley360, Brillo Connection and Snuggle Bear Den allow you to create an account and receive free samples by mail.

Some programs include more than just cleaning supplies, so you’ll have to do some digging. Others require you to complete a survey before getting samples. Websites like these are still a great way to score free cleaning products.

You can also check websites that don’t require taking surveys, like Sweet Free Stuff, Freeflys and Free Stuff. With these sites, you usually just have to subscribe to an email newsletter to see the free samples available.

Get Free Samples From Big Retailers

Another savvy tip for finding free cleaning products is searching for free samples from large retailers. These would be Target, Walmart, Walgreens or Amazon. By going directly to their websites and doing a search for “samples” you can find deals they have available.

Their samples won’t always be limited to cleaning products, so you’ll have to check back often to find freebies in this category. At Target, for example, the free samples usually disappear quickly after they’re posted.


With a little ingenuity – and these savvy tips – you can have free cleaning products. Whether you make them yourself or score free samples from companies and stores, never pay for cleaning supplies again!