Free Magazines

8 Places Where You Can Get Free Magazines

Some people might think magazines are dying medium, thanks to the digital era we now live in. But magazines won’t die as long as they’re free! In this list, you’ll find out how to get free magazines, with no strings attached.

Magazines From Companies

Some large magazine companies offer free subscriptions. All you have to do is go through their sign-up process. They’re usually not automatically renewed either. Here are 3 companies to get magazines without paying for them.

1. Freebizmag

You can sign up for Freebizmag and access trade and industry magazines as well as white papers and ebooks. It’s free to register and the magazine subscriptions are free but you may need certain qualifications to be eligible.

2. ValueMags

ValueMags is another company that offers magazines. They have magazines like Cosmopolitan, Photo Pro and Good Housekeeping. You may have to sign up for another offer or sign up to take a survey to get the magazines, but you won’t have to pay.

3. Mercury Magazines

Mercury Magazines has a large selection of publications to choose from. When you sign up, you’ll give some basic demographic info about yourself, so the company can determine which free magazines to offer you. You can pick 3 from the list of magazines they send you.

Free Magazines On Freebie Websites

Magazine companies aren’t the only places to find free magazines. Freebie websites specialize in finding free samples or other deals, magazine subscriptions included. Here are 4 worth checking out.

1. Free Stuff Times

Free Stuff Times shares numerous updates about free samples and where to find other free products like cosmetics, toys, pet stuff and magazines. Their website also offers coupons and sweepstakes related to the items you buy.

2. Just Free Stuff

With Just Free Stuff, you can find free magazines by category. You can also enter their giveaway contests and win things like high-tech household items.

3. Sweet Free Stuff

Another generalist freebie site, Sweet Free Stuff has magazine subscriptions among their offers. You can also find deals about food, baby products, health and beauty stuff and pet supplies.

4. I Crave Freebies

I Crave Freebies has an entire section dedicated to magazines. This site is geared more toward entertainment freebies, so you’ll find info about free DVDs, CDs, tickets and more.

Contact Companies Directly For Magazines

Another way to get magazines for free is by contacting the magazines directly. They’ll often give out freebies as a way to entice you to pay for a full subscription. One of the most common categories for getting magazines for free is parenting. Often, if you write to parenting magazines and say you’re expecting a baby soon, they’ll send you freebies.

With many others, you fill out a form on their website. Some free magazines on offer right now are Outdoor Photographer, Autoweek, Travel + Leisure, Esquire, Town and Country, Bridal Guide, Men’s Health, Weight Watcher’s, Time, Wired and National Geographic.

Final Word

With these resources, you can enjoy magazine subscriptions without paying a cent. You also don’t have to worry about automatic renewal with freebies if you’re no longer interested. If you like to read many different types of magazines, then you should look into free subscriptions.