freebies for babies

Top Secrets On How To Find Freebies For Babies

Let’s face it – the costs for all your baby stuff can really add up. That’s why you should take advantage of free samples for baby products wherever you can find them. Here are some top secrets on finding freebies for babies.

Freebies For Babies Through Your Registry

Look out for free samples and discounts when you create your registry. If it’s feasible, you can even create registries at more than one store to get even more deals! Here are a few major stores that offer freebies for babies with their gift registries.

#1 Target

When you register at Target, you’ll get coupons totaling $50 and free samples. Plus, you get 15% off any registry items that you didn’t end up receiving from friends and family.

#2 Walmart

You automatically get a box of free samples when you register at Walmart. It might take several weeks before you receive it, but you’re still guaranteed a box nonetheless.

#3 Amazon

You’re also entitled to a baby welcome box if you make your registry with Amazon. You can only get the box if you’re a Prime member and if $10 minimum has been purchased off your registry.

Baby Freebies From Enfamil

Sign up with company Enfamil, in their program Enfamil Family Beginnings to get free samples of baby formula and other products. You also get personally tailored coupons, discounts and you’ll receive their new parents’ advice publication.

Noobie Box

Request a box of free baby samples from Noobie Box. It includes anything from a pacifier, diapers and diaper rash cream to a breastfeeding set, hand sanitizers and tea. You’ll have to pay $6.95 for shipping, though.

Diaper Freebies

Several companies offer free diapers if you enroll in their rewards programs or get in contact with them. Here are 3 companies you can score free diapers from.

#1 Honest Company

Enroll in the Honest Company’s subscription program and they’ll send you a free kit of diapers and wipes. All you have to pay is $5.95 for shipping.

#2 Pampers

When you join the Pampers Rewards Program, you can access free diaper samples. You can also redeem the codes found on their diapers for other baby stuff like food, toys and even gift cards.

#3 Huggies

Huggies also has a rewards program that offers coupons and discounts. You can use rewards with other retailers on non-baby items.

Ask Your Doctor

Another way to get freebies for babies is by asking your pediatrician or hospital. They receive free samples from sales reps at baby product companies and they’re usually willing to share those free samples with patients. Doctors might also have recommendations for other baby clubs and programs you can join to get freebies for babies.

Take An Online Course

You can earn rewards for taking an online parenting course with The Baby Box Co. You simply watch some videos and take a quiz at the end. The rewards for finishing the classes include baby food, diapers or a baby box full of freebies.

Summing Up

It’s easy to get freebies for babies if you know where to look. By taking advantage of the top tips in this list, you can save money on your baby stuff.