freebies in the mail

3 Tips For Getting Freebies In the Mail

Who doesn’t love freebies? And what could possibly make free stuff even better? When it arrives right at your door! In this list, you’ll find the 3 top tips for getting freebies in the mail, with examples for each one.

1. Contact Companies Directly

One way to get freebies in the mail is simply by writing to companies and asking! If you send an email to their customer service department raving about one of their products or expressing interest in trying it, many companies will be happy to send you a free sample. Other companies already have forms available for customers to fill out on their websites for requesting freebies.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t work with all companies, so you might be refused (or get no response). In addition, the freebies they do send will likely be sample size, i.e. half or even one-fourth the product’s regular size in stores.

2. Get Freebies In The Mail Online

There are many websites that will send you free samples or connect you to companies sending free samples. Often, all you have to do is give your opinion of the product you try or share a review of it on social media. One such website is Woocharm Blog. You can get freebies from the website’s own survey or find links to other freebie offers like gift cards and books.

You can try and share reviews on products in a community setting with Smiley360. When you sign up, you can choose from among the free samples offered by companies. In return, you share your review with Smiley 360 forums and on your own social media.

Another great website for freebies in the mail is Pinchme. It’s only available in the US currently. You sign up and browse the free samples on offer, selecting the ones you’d like to try. Every month you get a box full of the samples you’ve selected, which you then try and review.

3. Get Freebies In The Mail Without Surveys

Many websites will offer freebies after you take a survey or poll, or they’ll request a product review from you. Other sites, though, will send you freebies without requiring a survey at all! Some examples are Women Deals, which offers numerous health and beauty freebies, along with other non-women specific items like food and pet supplies.

Another survey-free site is TrySpree, which will scour free sample deals for you and orders them automatically. Sample A Day is another site that combs the web for the best freebie deals and then sends the savings on to you.

For a popular freebie site that connects you directly to companies giving away samples, try I Love Free Things. They’ll find you freebies ranging from beauty products to magazine subscriptions.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how easy it is to get freebies in the mail, you can start receiving your free stuff. In order to get this stuff, it doesn’t take much work and sometimes it takes no work at all. So what are you waiting for? Start getting your freebies today!