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Stop Hoarding Clothes! Sell Them Online For Some Extra Cash

Got too many clothes and not enough extra cash? Solve your hoarding problem by selling your used clothes online. Getting started is easy. In this guide, you’ll learn how simple it is to sell online and why you should stop hoarding clothes.

Take Inventory

The first step is going through your old clothes to see what you have. The kind of clothes you have will determine which marketplace you’ll sell on. Do you have more designer or high-end items? Those sell well on eBay and The Real Real. Maybe your wardrobe is lacking in quality (brand names) but more than makes up for it in quantity. You can still make a killing online with items that aren’t designer.

Prep Your Clothes

Once you have your items and you’ve picked your online marketplace (and there are many to choose from), prepare your clothes. Wash them or dry clean them and patch up any holes. Buyers won’t be interested in musty clothing, plus your online seller’s reputation could go down if buyers point out that your clothes were dingy when you shipped them.

Take Good Photos

Stand out on eBay or similar marketplaces by taking good photos of your clothes. You don’t need a professional camera, but you should increase the lighting as much as you can. Lay clothes out on a flat surface or hang them up on a hanger – or even better, model them.

Point lamps and other lights on your item so it appears well-lit in the photo. Think about professional retailers’ websites. Their photos are never blurry or dim, to entice you to buy more!

Be Transparent

Be honest and upfront about your clothing, especially if it’s in a noticeably worsened condition. You’ll also want to give details like size, material, washing instructions – anything that appears on the label of the garment. Also mention things about the fit, like if the item stretches as you wear it.

Price Your Items Competitively

You want your clothes to sell, so price them for buyers. Knowing the value of your items is important here. Do some research to see if the piece is still available in stores or selling somewhere else. A good rule of thumb is dropping the price by $5 for every month it doesn’t sell.

Another tactic is upgrading your photo and description. More appealing photos and a more detailed description could attract buyers without even having to lower the price.

Where To Sell Clothes Online
1. thredUP

ThredUP takes care of everything – photos, descriptions and pricing. So you can’t set your own prices but it’s a quick, easy way to get rid of hoarded clothes.

2. Etsy

Opening a shop on Etsy requires more effort on your part and only vintage or unique handmade clothes sell well on the site. Etsy is a great marketplace for niche sellers, though.

3. The Real Real

The Real Real specializes in brand names only. If you have enough items to sell though, they’ll send someone to pick your clothes up!

4. Poshmark

Poshmark provides you with a prepaid shipping label when you make a sale. It also has an online community, so you can connect and share with other users.

5. eBay

eBay is the classic online marketplace. You can find just about anything on eBay which means that you can also sell just about anything on eBay.

Stop Hoarding Clothes – Final Thoughts

Selling clothes online is a great way to earn extra cash. It’s also an opportunity to get rid of old stuff and renew your wardrobe. If you’re profitable enough, you can even turn it into a side hustle by buying used clothes then reselling online.