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Travel For Next To Nothing With House Sit Jobs

Do you want to travel the world and save on accommodation? Then house sitting might be the solution for you. Not sure what it is or how to get started? In this handy guide, you’ll learn all the basics of traveling with house sit jobs.

What Is House Sitting?

When people leave their homes for an extended time, they might want someone to look after things while they’re away. Especially if they have pets. This is where house sitters come in. You live in someone’s home and complete tasks or chores related to the home’s upkeep.

Your tasks could be cleaning and tidying up, watering the plants, looking after the pool, opening the mail and in most cases, taking care of animals. House sitting jobs are international, but many gigs are located in North America, Europe and Australia.

How Can You Land House Sit Jobs?

You can search for house sitting opportunities on websites like or A pet-sitter specific option is Most websites like these will charge you a fee to sign up. However, the fee could be worth it if you’re concerned about safety or don’t want the hassle of finding house sit jobs yourself.

On the other hand, if you don’t want the shackles of going through an agency, then you can check Craigslist or other free websites. Expat groups on Facebook are also a good way to connect with people looking for house sitters.

What To Expect From House Sitting?

By now you’re probably ready to set off to see the world as a traveling house sitter! Bear in mind though, there are downsides to consider when taking on house sit jobs.

In most cases, you won’t become a house sitter at a beach side mansion. You’re more likely to find small family homes in the suburbs – especially if you’re a newbie.

House sitting is like any other career field. The more experience you have, the better the jobs you can get. Make yourself a killer profile on a house sitting site and treat it like a resumé or CV.

When accepting house-sitting gigs, speak with the owners before you set off. Clarify exactly what your expected responsibilities are during your stay. If you want to stay on a farm for example, homeowners could ask you do to more maintenance tasks.

Keep the location and length of stay in mind too. Most people looking for house sitters will be away for months at a time. Passing this much time in a well-populated, interesting area isn’t too much of a problem.

But staying at a cabin in the woods or in a rural area without access to transportation for months on end might not be ideal for some people.


House sitting can be a great way to see the world and cut down on travel expenses. Like most opportunities in today’s international gig economy, it takes some planning and a little experience to make the most out of it.

However, with the right attitude and a lot of flexibility, you could even earn your living with house sit jobs. In fact, many people do!