how to afford a holiday

How To Afford A Holiday When You’re On A Budget

Are you itching to go on holiday but don’t quite have the funds? Travel can be expensive, especially if you don’t take the time to plan. In this guide, you’ll get some tips on how to afford a holiday plus some cheap travel ideas.

Tips On How To Afford A Holiday

First, check out these tips on how to save money on travel.

Comparison Sites And Travel Deals

Seasoned travelers will tell you that booking dates and locations according to current travel promotions, rather than choosing dates and looking for deals afterward, is the way to go. However, you may not have that kind of flexibility, especially if you have kids and you have to travel during school breaks.

Therefore, sign up to receive newsletters for some travel promotions and keep an eye on the deals that come up. You could end up finding one on dates that work for you.

Use comparison sites to get good deals as well. Looking at the options side by side is one of the best ways to make a budget-friendly choice. Beware, though. Many flights and hotels won’t include extra fees on the side by side comparisons. You might think you’re picking the cheapest option and then end up paying more at checkout.

Pick Dates Accordingly

Whether you pick dates around your schedule or around travel promotions, dates are important for saving money, nonetheless. If you visit your destination outside of the high season, you’ll obviously save money on flights and hotels. Again, if you’re planning around children’s school dates, this can be tricky. You can save more money by going at the end of summer vacation, in late August.

Book Ahead Of Time

Last-minute deals can you save you some cash, but so can planning far ahead of time. If you’re flying internationally, 4-6 months ahead is ideal. In these cases, you can set up a flight tracker for your planned holidays to see when your flight is at its lowest price.

Save Money With Package Tours

Sometimes, you can save money by booking a flight + hotel package deal. Depending on the deal, you might save more by booking a package tour than by booking a budget flight and budget accommodation separately.

Cheap Holiday Ideas

Now that you have some tips on how to afford a holiday, check out these cheap holiday ideas.

National Parks And Camping

Camping is always a budget-friendly travel option. If you and your family don’t relish the idea of sleeping outside in a tent, though, rent a cabin or RV. Airbnb has hosts that offer both. However, if you go camping in a National park, then you can save money and enjoy nature’s wonders.

Take A Local Or Regional Holiday

Explore your city or region and discover historical landmarks, museums or natural wonders that are just right around the corner. You’ll save money on transportation and, in the case of visiting your own city, you’ll save on accommodation too.

Book A Last-Minute Cruise

Cruises are normally pricey, but if you wait until the last few weeks before the cruise ship sets off, you could score some great deals! Cruise lines offer huge discounts because they don’t want to leave cabins empty.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to afford a holiday on a budget is simple. For the most part, you should plan ahead and look out for deals. At the same time, remaining flexible to score last-minute savings on promotions will save you some cash too.