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Interesting Jobs For Travelers You May Not Have Thought Of

Travel costs can add up. However, if you’re willing to work an odd job or run a side hustle while you travel, you could help pay for some of your expenses. Check out these jobs for travelers that you haven’t thought of.

Street Vendor

If you’re staying somewhere for a longer time, you could set up a stall selling crafts or jewelry. If you can make something from buying local supplies in bulk for cheap, then you could turn a profit. Especially if you sell in a location with lots of tourist traffic.

Summer Music Festival

Music festivals are big events that need a ton of staff. You could find work setting up stages, as a food vendor or bartender and taking things down afterward. It doesn’t pay much but you get free tickets to the performances. Therefore, check if there are any upcoming festivals in the area where you’re traveling.

Scuba Diving Instructor

It takes a few weeks to become certified as a basic scuba instructor. You can train and give scuba lessons in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, though. You could go further and get your PADI certification, too. The more training you have the more marketable you are.

Street Musician Or Performer

Similar to a street vendor, you can set up with a musical or performance act and ask for donations. This is also referred to as busking. You rely solely on passersby dropping change at your feet, so don’t expect to make much. Also check the local regulations on busking before you set up your act.

English Tutor Or Teacher

If you have good language skills, you can put them to use by giving English lessons. There are numerous programs you can enroll in that will pay you to teach English in another country. If you’re already abroad, you can become an online English teacher with companies like VIPkid. Depending on which companies you go with, you might need a TEFL certification.

Nanny Or Au Pair

Love babysitting or working with kids? In many countries, you can become a nanny or au pair. In the case of an au pair, you live with a family who pays your expenses and expects you to babysit and tutor their children. In many cases, families want to hire au pairs who speak English so their kids can learn the language.


If you’re fluent in another language you could find work as an online translator. As a freelancer, you can find work translating books, manuals, restaurant menus, websites and more. The better your language skills the more money you can make.

Hostel Work

While staying at a hostel, ask if you can help out to cover your room and board. Jobs for travelers in a hostel could be anything from a receptionist to a housekeeper to a bartender. And, if your stay is extended, they might be able to offer you a salary as well.


Looking after someone’s home can be a pretty easy gig, depending on the tasks involved. You can usually make enough to cover at least some of your travel expenses. Check out sites like Trusted Housesitters to see if anyone near you needs a housesitter.

Apps To Make Money While Traveling

Doing an odd job or running a side hustle isn’t the only way to make money while traveling. You can also use apps like Foap or Swagbucks Watch to earn cash.

Foap is a photography app that lets you sell your travel photos as stock images. Companies can buy your photos to use in their marketing campaigns. You can make $5 per photo and sell it more than once. You lose the rights to the photo, however.

With Swagbucks Watch (TV) you earn “SB” points by watching ads and movie trailers. Your points are redeemable for Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash transfers. It might take a lot of watching to rack up enough points for those rewards, however. But let them run in the background while you’re en route, waiting for your flight or staying at your hotel.

Summary On Jobs For Travelers

Traveling doesn’t have to be a drain on your finances. Jobs for travelers are abundant if you know where to look. With some ingenuity and a little hard work, you can even make traveling lucrative.