planning a budget wedding

14 Top Tips For Planning A Budget Wedding

If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, then you know very well that weddings are expensive. However, there are ways to cut back on expenses. Here are the 14 top tips for planning a budget wedding.

Cut Down The Guest List

Focus on an intimate ceremony with only family and close friends. Fewer guests means fewer dinners to serve, fewer invitations to send out, etc.

Make Your Own Invitations

With services like VistaPrint, you can easily make your own wedding stationery. You don’t need fancy graphic design skills. Keep your invitations simple and elegant.

Shop For A Preowned Dress

A new or custom-ordered dress takes up a significant chunk of the budget. Some shops specialize in secondhand bridal gowns and you can even search for preowned designer gowns online.

Ask University Students For Services

Inquire at your local university’s music or art departments about students willing to perform or photograph your wedding for discounted rates. You can save some money and the students can add a project to their resumes or portfolios.

Ask Friends For Help, Not Gifts

Instead of asking for wedding gifts, ask talented friends for their services. If you know a wedding planner, a DJ, a chef or caterer, asking for wedding services in lieu of a gift will cut down costs.

Supply Your Own Alcohol

An open bar can be expensive. Pick a venue that lets you bring your own alcohol and serve beer, wine and a signature cocktail only.

Cater It Yourself

Go for budget-friendly catering either by cooking yourself (if your wedding is really small) or by hiring a local restaurant.

Limit The Flowers

Another chunk of the wedding budget often goes to flowers. Keep the flowers to a minimum and choose inexpensive, in-season flowers.

Choose An Off-season Date

If you’re planning a budget wedding you might consider a date in wintertime. Venues and other services cost less this time of year.

Shop Around For Quotes

A budget-savvy wedding planner doesn’t just book the first vendor they speak with. Ask for quotes for several vendors and avoid mentioning it’s for a wedding – some vendors tend to mark up their services for weddings.

Bake Your Own Wedding Cake

With online tutorials, you can put together a simple, classy wedding cake. Or you can order a cake from the grocery store bakery instead of a pastry chef or caterer.

Choose A Low-Budget Venue

Host your wedding at your or your family’s home, or pick an outside location. Venues are one of the biggest expenses for weddings, so a low-cost location is essential for planning a budget wedding.

Take A Low-Key Honeymoon

A honeymoon doesn’t have to be a jet setting adventure halfway across the world. Just set aside time to spend alone with your new spouse, even if means exploring your city or region.

Get Affordable Décor

There are several ways to do budget-friendly décor. Only shop sales at craft stores, DIY it, look at thrift shops or borrow items.

Planning A Budget Wedding Is Easy!

Planning the perfect wedding that you’ll always remember doesn’t have to include a huge budget. By cutting back on major spending areas, you can have a frugal, special wedding.