square foot garden

Grow Your Own Vegetables Easily With A Square Foot Garden

What if you could grow your own vegetables in a small, easily tended garden? For those with a green thumb but not much space to plant a garden in, a square foot garden could be the answer. In this quick guide you’ll learn what a square foot garden is and the benefits of planting one.

What Is A Square Foot Garden?

Square foot gardening is an easy way to produce a lot of vegetables in a small space. It involves building a raised bed and filling it with special soil. Then, you add one plant in each square foot of the bed. This gardening method yields many results for such a small space and a small amount of work.

Building A Square Foot Garden

To start your garden, you’ll need to build your beds with wood. Usually nailing together a set of two-by-fours does the trick. A good size is 4 feet by 4 feet, which will give you 16 squares for planting.

Once you’ve constructed the bed, you’ll need to fill it with soil. The soil should contain sandy loam, peat moss and well-matured compost. The soil is the key to the garden’s success, as this composition will have the best drainage for your compact square foot garden.

After you’ve filled in the soil, make a grid. Each square should measure one foot by one foot. You can demarcate the grid with some twine or wire affixed to the wood edges with tacks. Next, add your plants. The plants you choose will depend on your preferences and how they grow. One square can hold 9 onions for example, but only 1 tomato. Or 6 vine plants like beans or 16 carrots.

Tending Your Garden

You’ve got your garden built and planted, now you have to take care of it. It’s not recommended to walk on the soil, so leave space in between your beds (if you’re building more than one) to tend from the side. It’s also best to water your plants from a bucket of water warmed by the sun. After you’ve harvested your crops, add some compost and switch out the plant for each square.

What Are The Benefits Of Starting A Square Foot Garden?

A square foot garden is easy to build and easy to tend. It’s the perfect gardening solution for those who don’t have large plots of land but still want to grow numerous vegetables. You also have fewer pests and weeds bothering your garden, since the plants are in squares rather than rows.

The grid formation also means less water and fertilizer use. Small gardens like these also warm faster and drain better. Finally, you don’t have to till the soil each spring. Overall, a square foot garden is significantly less work than a traditional garden.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever wanted to start growing your own vegetables but were afraid of the amount of work, then this type of garden is for you. It’s easy and yields plenty of produce for the effort you put in.