13 Storage Ideas For Small Spaces On A Budget

Who says living in a small space has to be cramped? With these 13 storage ideas for small spaces on a budget, you can have a chic, organized home.

1. Under-The-Bed Bookshelf

Maximize the space around your bed by installing bookshelves along the edge of the bed frame. Or add side-shelves to the headboard.

2. Cereal Box Filing

Recycle your old cereal boxes by converting them into storage. Stack 4 or 5 boxes on top of each other and glue them together. Wrap them with tape and decorative paper and you have a cheap filing shelf for your papers.

3. Sliding Shelf In The Bathroom

Sliding components are often the perfect storage solution for small spaces. Incorporate a sliding shelf in your bathroom that can easily hide when not in use.

4. Slender Tables

Make your own skinny table, only half a foot wide and a few feet long, to stick behind furniture like the couch or your bed. Small tables like this provide extra space to stow things and add a touch of style to the space.

5. Basket Shelves

Basket Shelves

You already use baskets as a cheap way to organize your bathroom or sitting room. But you probably set them on the floor or on a shelf. Mix things up by adhering baskets to the walls instead, a unique and quirky storage idea for a small space on a budget.

6. Hang A Shoe Rack In The Mudroom

Leaving shoes by the door feels cluttered and gets messy. Hang a coat rack near the floor by the door in your mudroom, making a convenient shoe rack.

7. Magnetic Spice Storage

Magnetic Spice Storage

One storage challenge for small kitchens is spices. Keeping all those little jars organized and accessible is easy if you place your spices in magnetic containers that stick to the fridge.

8. Convert Pallets Into Shelving

Old wooden pallets make excellent shelving and give your home a rustic look.

9. Make Your Own Scarf Hanger

Attach shower curtain rings to a clothes hanger to hang your scarves. It’s a cheap and stylish storage solution.

10. Dual-Purpose Furniture

Popular storage ideas for small spaces on a budget include furniture that earns its keep. Double up large shelving as a desk by sticking a stool underneath or store your shoes inside an ottoman.

11. Proper Drawer Storage

Proper Drawer Storage

Always fold your clothes and store them in your drawer vertically to save space. You could also buy some inexpensive drawer organizers to keep things clutter-free.

12. Make Your Own Closet

Small bedrooms or studios don’t always come with a closet. A budget storage solution is putting up your own shelving with a rod underneath to hang your clothes. Not a fan of the open-closet concept? Hide your stuff behind a chic curtain.

13. Room Divider

Room Divider

Use a large shelving unit or an open bookcase as a cheap storage solution to divide up a small space. Add stackable cloth boxes or cute baskets to block out the view from each side.

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces On A Budget – Final Word

Stylish, inexpensive storage solutions are possible for even the smallest of spaces. Use these tips and let your creativity flow – you’ll have an organized home in no time!